Pandora Lifts 40-Hour Limit on Free Mobile Streaming For the Second Time

For the second time in its history, streaming music service Pandora has lifted its limit on how many hours of music a user may stream per month without a paid subscription.

Pandora’s 40-hour per month cap was reinstated in February of this year, after getting the axe in 2011. Now the limit is schedule be removed (or re-removed, if you will) on September 1.
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How to Learn an Instrument Digitally

Learn Instrument

Learn anywhere, anytime.

In today’s digital world and if you have the motivation, paying Grandma Sue to come to your house and give you piano lessons every Sunday is a thing of the past. Granted, there are advantages to one-on-one learning, but if you don’t have the money or if forced lessons make you lose your desire to learn an instrument, then there are many other methods for picking up an instrument or improving your skill digitally. The advantages of these tools allow you to learn at your own pace, focus on what you’re interested in, and have a great time doing it. Just don’t forget to teach yourself the basics and techniques that Grandma Sue would have forced you to learn before progressing to “Free Bird.”


Honestly, I think you can learn just about anything from YouTube these days. Whether it be hotwiring a car or Organic Chemistry — YouTube has tutorials on it — and music is no exception. As a guitar player myself, I am constantly searching for cool new licks to learn via YouTube. This medium is best for learning things like:
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Google’s Play Music Store Takes a Bite Out of Apple and Amazon [Infographic]

Amazon and iTunes dominate the $14.8 billion-per-year digital music market, but Google is trying to make a big impact on the industry with its Play store, which is available on all computers and Android devices. While Google Play is certainly a contender, a new infographic shows a rapidly changing, highly competitive industry. Google will need some serious advantages to succeed, and the Play service is definitely making some smart moves.
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Google Play Takes Aim at Apple and Amazon

There’s a new, potentially major player in the consumer music business.

On October 29th, Google announced that Warner Music Group agreed to sell songs through Google’s own Play service, a mobile store available on Android devices. The announcement is by no means a surprise, but it’s an important step for the growing music service: Google now has agreements with all three major U.S. music labels.
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Billboard Adds Streaming Music Services and Digital Sales to Several Major Music Charts

Online music sales represent a significant portion of most musicians’ incomes, but until recently, digital downloads weren’t part of Billboard’s highly influential country, rock, rap, R&B and Latin charts. Recent updates to these charts add in Nielsen SoundScan digital download data, and many artists have seen a noticeable jump in chart rankings as a result of the changes. However, some music listeners and critics see immediate problems with the new additions.

Adding the digital data was a “perfectly logical” move according to Billboard, the top music sales tracker in the United States. However, crossover artists whose songs appeal to fans of more than one genre seemed to get an especially notable boost from the changes. Some analysts argue that this dilutes Billboard’s genre designations by raising the profile of these crossover artists.
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Streaming Music Services Like Pandora and Spotify Have Trouble Achieving Profitability

While music streaming services like Spotify, Rhapsody and Pandora have loyal listener bases, their content costs are easily outpacing their revenue.

According to a chart from, Internet radio service Pandora’s year-over-year revenue growth was outpaced by content acquisition cost growths in the second, third and fourth quarters of 2012. In a year-over-year comparison of Q2 in 2012 and 2011, for instance, Pandora’s content acquisition costs grew by about 130 percent while the company’s revenue grew by slightly less than 120 percent. Growths in costs will likely continue to exceed growth in revenue in 2013.
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Name That Sample Any Time, Anywhere With the WhoSampled App

WhoSampled App, the site that helps you add a whole new dimension to your enjoyment of music by letting you uncover the direct links between songs, is finally making the transition from your PC to your smartphone. Now you can access the site’s database using the WhoSampled iPhone app to figure out the origins of the samples in your favorite tracks no matter where you are.

The WhoSampled iPhone app does a good job of translating the most useful features from the site into a mobile application. You can easily locate all the samples, covers or remixes from the WhoSampled database that have a connection to any song in your playlist. You can even access the database for information on a song while you are still listening to it. If you find a new favorite song while tracking down the origins and influences of your music, you can add the new song to your favorites list.
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Jared Ficklin Shows How Our Eyes Can Hear Music and Sound

Jared Ficklin plays with visual representations of sound, often finding creative, artistic ways to show us how humans have an innate ability to “hear” visual waveforms and frequency diagrams.

Ficklin’s audio-visual inventions include several fire-based contraptions that intricately show how music affects physical environments. While these devices have no practical application, they’re ideal for introducing visual representations of sound in an exciting way. Ficklin also designed programs that show representations of music from different artists. The representations allow viewers to feel the music visually and could seriously improve the effects of closed-caption recordings by adding a more immersive visual element to broadcasts.
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YRG-Pro MIDI Guitar Seeking Funding On Kickstarter

Keyboardists have an almost unlimited number of tones and effects at their disposal thanks to MIDI technology, but until recently, guitarists haven’t had the same tools. A MIDI keyboard is a pretty simple instrument to build, since digital keyboards already track input information from simple key presses. Guitarists use bends, whammy bars and other tone-changing elements, which are tough to translate to a simple digital signal.

A new project from You Rock Guitar hopes to change that. The company already introduced one extremely functional MIDI guitar, the YRG-1000, and they’re currently trying to build funding for a professional grade MIDI instrument known as the YRG-Professional.
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